Who do we need?

Artistic, thorough person, capable of abstract thinking. One who can not only make a good design but to express the essence of a web site with it. One who understands what can be done using modern web-technologies and who keeps an eye on the latest trends in web-design.


Develop design guidelines
Create web site designs

Skills required

Skills at vector images creation
Knowledge of web-development technical aspects. HTML, CSS, JS etc.; understanding what are these technologies used for and why
Experience in web design


Experience in Mac OS X
Experience in photography
Experience in basic 3D modelling
Experience in illustrating

We have

Comfortable, spacious office
Flexible work hours
Interesting projects
Well-established working process
Fine development team with well-established professional relationship

Every employee gets

A comfortable desk and chair
Modern Mac computer
High-speed Internet access

To attend an interview

Send us an e-mail with a short description of your personality, professional traits and of what kind of working activity are you most interested in.