What is Difra?

Difra is not just a CMS, it is a whole platform developed by our studio for web-projects. It is incredibly well-engineered complex of unique solutions, created on principle “think it through first, then do”. Each and every new component is added to the system only after we have found the best way for its realization.

The core of Difra is a framework. It is a layer between web-server and PHP, database, web-browser, ajax interface etc. No manual processing of input data is required, as well as checking and transferring the data back into the form – all you need is to take organized data, process it and transfer everything required for rendering a web page or a browser action. Due to reduce of routine operations development is carried out much faster, and well debugged code excludes emergence of many errors.

Well-composed high-performance code allows our platform to quickly process huge amount of parallel requests. In order for website to sustain increased workload it would be sufficient to simply grant it more computing resources. No need for constant optimization – we’ve done it for you.

Every website created by our studio has nothing of excess. Required code is added as modules, which improves load times and reduces memory usage.

Since all the modules are developed by same developers who designed the main system, there is no more need to “carry over” the old code in order to make it compatible with older versions – it’s better to make new versions of modules and get rid of everything unnecessary, right?

Beauty in every line of code. If it turns out that not a perfect solution has crept in somehow, we will still get back to this place and fix it, even if everything works fine. 

Apart from standard solution modules, we pay special attention to the features extending system. Our programmers set up every project and delicately add new required features. It does not require main modules and core modification, besides, extended features have access to all resources of the system. If a solution can be implemented using current web-technologies, it can be implemented on our platform. Many people dealing with developers may often hear phrases like: “it cannot be done” – well, it is not the case if you’re dealing with us.

In 2015, Difra was released under Simplified BSD license.

Interested? Visit www.difra.org web site.